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The most frightening complication of abdominal wall hernias are the “strangulated hernias”. As how easy and problem-free simple hernia surgeries are for the patient and the physician, such difficult and risky are surgeries of strangulated hernias. Strangulated hernias needing urgent surgery and normal –elective- hernia surgeries, realized at adequate conditions are compared below.

Strangulated Hernia Surgery Elective Hernia Surgery
Appears suddenly and has to performed under emergency conditions Is performed at adequate times
The patient is kept at the hospital for 3-4 days The patient is discharged on the same day
It is expensive and not pre-determined The costs are fixed and low.
The risk of complication is high. The risk of complication is low.
Repair with mesh is often risky. Tension-free mesh repair is made.
It may be necessary to ablate some intestine. It is even not necessary to enter the abdominal.

If the intestine, protruded through the hole in the abdominal wall, should wind around itself, it may be difficult to place it back into the abdomen. In case that the hernia, which got back into the abdominal when lied down or pushed manually should not disappear by lying or pushing back manually, it may be spoken about a “strangulated" hernia: STAGE I

The first finding of a strangulated hernia is that the knob does not disappear. If the patient should not consult a physician, as the intestine passage will be stopped, the patient will not be able de-gase and to faecal incontinence will incur. In relation to this, the pain of the patient will spread spasmodically to the whole abdominal: STAGE IIstrangulatedhernia

In case that the patient insists on not going to the hospital, the intestine blood circulation, squeezed into a narrow hole, will begin to be disturbed. At this stage, the leukocyte count of the patient will increase and the pain will intensify: STAGE III

In case that the patient is still not treated, the gangrenous intestine will get a lack and widely peritonitis will appear in the abdomen. The temperature of the patient will rise, the general condition will be worsened and the sepsis will develop to death: STAGE IV. At the present day, stage IV patients are no more met in large cities.

In order to be not confronted with such a coercion, it is necessary to be operated in shortest time.



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